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Outdoor Afro is where Black people and nature meet. Founded by Rue Mapp in 2009, Outdoor Afro is the nation’s leading organization that celebrates and inspires Black connections and leadership in nature.

We have more than 100 leaders in 56 cities and connect 40,000+ people to nature annually. Each volunteer leader creates and guides monthly trips and fosters collaborations to strengthen connections with the outdoors. We reconnect Black people with nature through recreational activities including hiking, birding, fishing, kayaking, gardening, and more – in a similar style, you would do if you were taking family members out. We harness the value of connecting people and connecting people to nature, in the same conversation.

Outdoor Afro works to disrupt the false perception that Black People do not have a relationship with nature. Each year we have annual training for all of our volunteer leaders to attend. All leaders are required to attend. There are training modules and ongoing education covering everything from risk management to policy to storytelling interpretation. Our initiative for this year is providing the opportunity for every Black person in our sphere of influence to learn how to swim with a swimmership. Outdoor Afro shifts the visual representation of who can connect with the Outdoors by taking photos and sharing them with our online community. We encourage participants to do the same.

Anyone who supports our mission is welcome to attend our events. You don’t have to have an afro, to be part of Outdoor Afro.



Please go to the contact page and submit a request. We answer all requests.

Our mission is to celebrate and inspire Black connections and leadership in nature.

For the 2020-21 year, we have 101 volunteer leaders.

We are active in 56 cities in the United States.

Outdoor Afro’s founder and CEO is Rue Mapp.

All requests to speak must be sent to If it is a good fit, you will hear back from someone on our executive team.

Please send your request to If it is a good fit, you will hear back from someone on our executive team.

There are many ways to partner with us! Please send an email to If it is a good fit, you will hear back from someone on our executive team.

Outdoor Afro does not discriminate. It does center around the African American experience. Our events are open to anyone who believes in our mission which is to create and inspire African American leadership and connection in nature.


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