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Environmental Education


by Outdoor Afro Atlanta Leader Stefan Moss I have a complicated relationship with Earth Day. Although I have always valued the opportunity to celebrate our

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National Parks

Pumpkin Learning and Carving

By Outdoor Afro Leader Zoe Polk So many wonderful smells, tastes, sights and adventures come to mind when we think of October! We take long

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Nature is a Healer

We have all been riveted to newsfeeds everywhere about the Trayvon Martin case this week, searching for answers and trying to figure how best to

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Letting Go and Letting Camp

  Because even seasoned moms like me experience the tension and challenges of getting kids outdoors in a world filled with so many concerns and reasons

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Vintage Spring Beauties

Simply outside Lately, I have come upon many collections of photos online of black people, especially youth, connecting to nature in a variety of ways.

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