Celebrate Black History Month

By declaring who you are and what you love to do in the outdoors.

Creating an I’m Black and I _____ series has always been something that founder and CEO, Rue Mapp, wanted to do. So, go ahead and dispel those, “Black people don’t [insert outdoor activity here] stereotypes and declare your love for your Blackness AND your love of the outdoors!

In addition, in celebration of #BlackHistoryOutdoors, we are also happy to offer a shirt which highlights historically Black beaches. Special thanks to Birmingham, AL volunteer Outdoor Afro leader Kellie Clark for the idea!

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Join us each day to see who we are highlighting!

  • Each week, Outdoor Afro will focus on highlighting Black historical figures in the outdoors, historic places for recreation, Black champions of the outdoors and recent achievements by Black individuals related to outdoor recreation. These individuals and places include Charles Madison Crenchaw, a mountaineer who became the first Black man to summit Denali on July 9, 1964, American Beach, Florida’s first Black beach resort, founded in 1935 and Will “Akuna” Robinson, who in 2019 became the first Black man to hike the Triple Crown.